TrueFi Docs

TRU token

The TrueFi protocol is governed by the TRU token.
TRU and staked TRU (stkTRU) governs decisions on approving loans in TrueFi DAO Pools, onboarding new portfolio managers to the protocol, and key protocol parameters.

Staked TRU (stkTRU)

TRU holders can stake TRU to participate in the Loan approval process for TrueFi DAO pools.
stkTRU holders ("stakers") vote to approve/reject loan applications, and in return can potentially earn additional TRU and protocol fees. Stakers also risk losing a portion of their TRU staked in the event of default on loans in TrueFi DAO pools.
To learn more, please see Staked TRU.

TRU Token Supply & Distribution

For more information about TRU token supply and distribution, please see the following links: