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Index Vaults

TrueFi's "Fund of Funds"
Index Vaults are currently in TrueFi Labs beta.
Smart contracts are available for builders to use and experiment with. If you would like to learn more, send a message here.

What are Index Vaults?

Index Vaults enable "fund of funds" activity on TrueFi, by allocating capital across multiple underlying TrueFi products (such as Credit Vaults or Lines of Credit).
Index Vaults do not allow managers to disburse funds to themselves, or to make loans directly.

How do Index Vaults work?

For technical details, see Index Vault technical details.

Tutorial / Demo

Users can test Index Vaults by creating their own demo vault on Optimism Goerli using this link.
Before beginning, you will need to switch to the Optimism Goerli test network and ensure your wallet is funded with test ETH and test USDC assets.
To complete these steps, follow this step-by-step guide.
Follow the guide below to get started: