Farming TRU rewards

In addition to earning yield from loan activity in DAO pools, lenders can also earn additional yield in the form of TRU rewards ("yield farming").

How do I farm TRU rewards?

TrueFi DAO Pool lenders begin accruing TRU rewards as soon as their LP tokens have been staked.

Lenders can stake lending pool tokens in the liquidity gauge via the Farm page, or via the stake() function on the TrueMultiFarm contract.

How do I check and claim my farm rewards?

At any given time, a lender can check the # of accrued rewards and claim rewards by visiting

Additionally, lenders can find the # of TRU rewards by checking claimable() on the TrueMultiFarm contract below:

Lenders can claim TRU rewards by calling claim() on this contract.

Additionally, lenders can call exit() to unstake LP tokens and claim rewards within the same transaction.

How are TRU rewards distributed?

To find the current emissions rate for a farm, users can divide the totalAmount by duration. Visit the etherscan link to the smart contract, click on Contract, then click on Read as Proxy. You will find the two parameters totalAmount and duration. The duration is in seconds.

TRU distribution per day = (totalAmount/10^8) / (duration/(24*3600))

Liquidity Gauge TRU Distributor Smart contract



Are there additional economic risks involved in farming?

Farming on TrueFi lending pools involves no additional economic risk beyond risks involved as a lender. Users are inherently exposed to borrower default risk as a lender.

What is TRU?

Read more about TRU, TrueFi's governance token here.

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