Risk Mitigation

Has TrueFi been audited?

Yes, please see TrueFi's technical audits here.

How does TrueFi mitigate risk?

TrueFi takes multiple measures to help protect lenders:

  • Staked TRU provides default protection for lenders and governs the loan approval process

  • Borrowers on TrueFi follow a thorough Know Your Business (“KYB”) workflow and credit review which incorporates both on-chain and off-chain data, such as company background, repayment history, operating & trading history, assets under management, and credit metrics.

  • TrueFi handles bad debt via a Secure Asset Fund for Users (“SAFU”) smart contract.

  • TrueFi lenders can also purchase smart contract cover through Nexus Mutual to hedge risks when lending on TrueFi. Coverage is paid out at the discretion of mutual members but has covered technical exploits in the past.

This is not investment advice. Please Do Your Own Research.

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