Credit Vault tutorial

Users can test Credit Vaults by creating their own demo vault on Optimism Sepolia using this link.

Before beginning, you will need to switch to the Optimism Sepolia test network and ensure your wallet is funded with test ETH and test USDC assets.

To complete these steps, follow this step-by-step guide.

Follow the Scribe tutorial below or view written instructions here.

Step-by-step walkthrough (using Scribe app)


  1. First, switch network to Optimism Goerli (testnet)

  2. Next, fund your wallet with testnet ETH and testnet USDC

    • Get 0.01 test ETH by using or other faucet

    • Mint "mock" USDC 0x5f1c3c9d42f531975edb397fd4a34754cc8d3b71 via Etherscan to use for lending/borrowing in test vaults

      • Connect wallet and mint desired amount (6 decimals)

  3. Finally, navigate to or click 'Create new portfolio' -> select 'Credit Vault' in TrueFi app and follow the flows:

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