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Asset Vaults

Asset Vaults are currently in TrueFi Labs beta.
Smart contracts are available for builders to use and experiment with. If you would like to learn more, send a message here.

What are Asset Vaults?

Asset Vaults are TrueFi vaults that facilitate off-chain credit, or "Real World Asset" (RWA), activity.

Why are Asset Vaults useful?

Asset Vaults represent off-chain instruments by using on-chain attestations, or Asset Reports.
By using this structure, Asset Vaults can facilitate diverse and complex RWA activities, such as:
  • Deploy capital to off-chain uses: portfolio managers (PMs) can use Asset Vaults to create representations of off-chain debt instruments, ETFs, etc.
  • Support 100+ loans/instruments in a single vault: Asset Vaults enable PMs to represent many loans or off-chain instruments with low gas costs.
  • Floating rate loans: PMs can create loans that reference off-chain benchmark rates (e.g. SOFR + 200).
  • Amortizing loans: PMs can create loans that support complex repayment schedules, following existing structures found in the traditional finance world.

How do Asset Vaults work?

Asset Vaults function similarly to Credit Vaults, with the exception that portfolio managers disburse funds using on-chain asset reports, rather than disbursing funds to on-chain loans.
Asset Vaults are made up of modular components, enabling PMs to configure vaults to their unique needs.

Tutorial / demo

Users can test Asset Vaults by creating their own demo vault on Optimism Goerli using this link.
Before beginning, you will need to switch to the Optimism Goerli test network and ensure your wallet is funded with test ETH and test USDC assets.
To complete these steps, follow this step-by-step guide.
Follow the guide below to get started: