What is TrueFi?
TrueFi is a protocol for credit, governed by the TRU token.
TrueFi allows lenders to earn returns on loaned cryptocurrencies while having full transparency on how the loaned capital is allocated. Vetted borrowers, meanwhile, can use TrueFi for rapid access to fixed-term, fixed-rate cryptocurrency loans.
  • TrueFi DAO Pools are managed by TRU holders, who collectively assess the creditworthiness of borrowers and individual loans by staking TRU. As of June 2022, TrueFi DAO Pools have originated >$1.5 billion in loans to over 30 institutional borrowers.
  • TrueFi Capital Markets enable third parties to launch their own lending pools, which can be customized and configured to the needs of specific portfolio managers and borrowers.
TrueFi app home page (as of June 30, 2022)
TrueFi was initially built by the TrustToken team, who previously developed TrueUSD (TUSD) and other top fiat-backed stablecoins. TrueFi is following a path towards progressive decentralization and will ultimately put the protocol in the hands of the community.
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