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Welcome to TrueFi

​TrueFi is a protocol for credit, governed by the TRU token.
The protocol enables lenders to earn returns on loaned assets while having transparency on how the loaned capital is allocated. Borrowers include leading institutions within crypto, as well as more traditional firms, such as fintechs and credit funds.
Since its launch in November 2020, TrueFi has originated more than $1.7bn in loans to >30 borrowers and paid more than $40mm in interest to protocol participants.
  • ​Lend: TrueFi enables lenders to earn competitive risk-adjusted returns while having full transparency on how loaned capital is allocated.
  • ​Borrow: Vetted institutional borrowers use TrueFi to access loans at competitive rates from TrueFi's network of global liquidity.
  • ​Manage: TrueFi Capital Markets enable third parties to bring credit deals on-chain, using TrueFi's smart contract infrastructure.
TrueFi was initially built by the TrustToken team, who previously developed TrueUSD (TUSD) and other top fiat-backed stablecoins. TrueFi is following a path of progressive decentralization.
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