Withdrawing funds

Liquid Exit and other FAQs

How can I exit the lending pools?

You can exit the pool by selling your lending pool tokens to the TrueFi lending pools for the stablecoin if there is enough liquid asset in the pool to support the transaction. This feature is also called liquid exit.

What is Liquid Exit?

Liquid exit addresses a key community request which is the ability to exit the TrueFi Lending Pool directly into the underlying stablecoin. Lending pool token holders can redeem their LP tokens for the stablecoin for an exit fee.

The exit fee is inversely proportional to the amount of available idle liquidity in the pool. For example, when there is a large amount of liquid assets in the pool, the fee is low. When there is a small amount of liquid asset in the pool, the fee is high. This fee is earned by the pool for the existing lending pool token holders.

1) If there is no liquid asset in the lending pool and no liquid exit is deployed in Curve.

2) If the pool needs to liquidate its position in Curve and will incur a loss of more than 10 basis points.

Click here to view the relationship between Pool utilization and exit fees.

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