Disbursing loans
Manager can issue a BulletLoans token to the ManagedPortfolio (portfolio sends funds to the Borrower).
To disburse a loan, manager clicks 'Disburse a loan' on the portfolio page and sets the following parameters:
  • Borrower address
  • Principal Amount
  • Loan term (in days)
    • Note: loan maturity cannot extend beyond fund's end date
    • Repayment Amount
      • Manager can input interest rate APR into front end UI to calculate repayment amount
      • Repayment Amount = (Principal Amount) * (1+(APR) * (duration / 365 days))
      • Ex. $1M loan @ 10% for 180 days → repayment amount = 1,000,000*(1+0.10*(180/265)) = 1,067,924.528
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