Lending to portfolios
ERC-4626 upgrades coming soon™ (Q4 2022)
TrueFi Capital Markets portfolios will soon follow ERC-4626 standards. This means that users will soon be able to interact with portfolios via standard functions, such as deposit, convertToShares, previewDeposit, totalAssets, etc.

How do I lend?

Once a user is ready to lend to a portfolio, the user will need to complete two transactions:
  • approve() : User must approve the lending pool smart contract to transfer up to a certain allowance of the asset. Read more here.
  • deposit() : User lends funds to the lending pool. In return, the lender receives lending pool tokens ("LP tokens").
Note that for some portfolios, lender funds are locked until the portfolio's maturity date. Please review and confirm details before lending to a portfolio.
Example: Lending to TrueFi Capital Markets portfolio
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