Borrowing on TrueFi

Why borrow on TrueFi?

Approved borrowers can borrow uncollateralized or uncollateralized loans at competitive rates from a network of global liquidity on TrueFi.
Leveraging decentralized finance, borrowers can access capital markets 24/7 with faster settlement than traditional finance systems. Borrowers on TrueFi also have an opportunity to build their "on-chain" financial reputation and position themselves to obtain larger loans and lower interest rates moving forward.

Who can borrow on TrueFi?

Today, TrueFi supports institutional borrowers with at least $10 million in net unencumbered assets.
Borrowers on TrueFi include crypto's leading institutions, as well as "real world finance" borrowers, such as fintechs and credit funds. Below are two recent stories on TrueFi borrowers:
One of Biggest Crypto Traders Alameda Research Is Tapping DeFi Loans for Funding
Mexican FinTech Uses DeFi to Provide Loans

How do I become a borrower on TrueFi?

Borrowers can apply via https://truefi.io/borrow to start the process.
After applying, members of TrueFi DAO will help connect you with sources of capital and walk you through onboarding KYC/AML checks and credit review.
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Why borrow on TrueFi?
Who can borrow on TrueFi?
How do I become a borrower on TrueFi?