TrueFi Docs

Launching a portfolio

Once successfully onboarded, a portfolio manager can launch a new portfolio.
Approved PMs can easily create a portfolio by clicking "Create New Portfolio" at This will walk PMs through the portfolio creation UI:
In portfolio creation, PMs are able to configure the following settings:
  • Capital formation rules
    • During the Capital Formation period, lenders can commit funds with assurance that the smart contract will return funds (with no fees) if certain requirements are not satisfied. For more details, read here.
      • Example: PM configures a 30 day capital formation period and minimum portfolio size of 1M USDC. If the fund has not raised ≥1M USDC by day 30, then principal will be returned to lenders with no fees taken. If the fund raises ≥1M USDC within 30 days, then the PM can move the portfolio to 'Live' status and deploy loans from the portfolio.
  • Tranche configurations
    • Unitranche / 2 tranches / 3 tranches
    • Minimum subordination ratios for each tranche
    • For more details on tranche mechanics, read here.
  • Portfolio duration / maturity date
    • Lender funds will be locked up until the portfolio maturity date
    • All loans within the portfolio must mature before or on the portfolio maturity date
  • Fee structure
    • Portfolio fee: in basis points, on annualized basis
    • For more details on fees, read here.
  • Lender permissions / restrictions
    • i.e. manager can require KYC or set custom list of allowed lenders
    • For more details on permissions, read here.