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Getting started as a Portfolio Manager on TrueFi
Portfolio Managers ("PMs") can use TrueFi infrastructure to run their own credit fund on the Ethereum blockchain and additional networks.
In this section, PMs can learn how to launch and manage a fund on TrueFi. Below is a step-by-step guide to running a fund on TrueFi:
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    ​Onboarding for managers: New managers introduce themselves to the TrueFi community and are vetted by TrueFi governance. During this process, potential lenders learn more about PMs.
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    ​Creating a fund: PMs can deploy their fund via the TrueFi app and begin the fundraising period.
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    ​Disbursing loans: Once a fund is live, PMs can disburse funds to borrowers. The TrueFi app makes it easy for PMs and borrowers to transfer and receive funds.
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    Continuous fund management: TrueFi smart contracts streamline the processing of lender inflows/outflows as well as principal and interest payments, 365/24/7.

How does it work?

For a brief overview, see the demo video below:
When creating a portfolio the PM configures policies for fees, min/maximum portfolio size, portfolio maturity dates/tenor, and other parameters.
Additionally, PMs have the option to run permissioned portfolios, where they can enforce KYC/KYB policies for lenders. Read more here on how PMs can set such policies.
PMs are able to share information and due diligence materials with lenders via the TrueFi app.

Does TrueFi support "real world" use cases?

Yes, TrueFi offers infrastructure to support real world financing as well as crypto-native deals. TrueFi smart contracts give managers the ability to create instruments such as fixed rate loans, lines of credit, and multi-tranche facilities.

What are potential benefits of using TrueFi?

  • Reduced overhead cost, by servicing otherwise difficult and expensive components of fund management on-chain, allowing PMs to focus on allocating capital.
  • Access to on-chain liquidity, covering billions of dollars of capital from around the world, without onerous terms and at competitive rates.
  • Deep portfolio control - including lender selection, fee structure, portfolio strategy, and duration - that allows every PM to remain uncompromising in the design of their portfolio.
  • Best of blockchain technology, allowing every portfolio to reach a global audience of lenders 24/7 immediately, and maintain a transparent record of all transactions.