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Getting started as a Portfolio Manager on TrueFi
Portfolio Managers ("PMs") can operate their own fund by leveraging TrueFi's infrastructure.
TrueFi Capital Markets offers infrastructure to support real world financing and crypto-native deals, giving managers the ability to create instruments such as fixed rate loans, lines of credit, and multi-tranche facilities.

What are potential benefits of using TrueFi?

  • Reduced overhead cost, by servicing otherwise difficult and expensive components of fund management on-chain, allowing PMs to focus on allocating capital.
  • Access to on-chain liquidity, covering billions of dollars of capital from around the world, without onerous terms and at competitive rates.
  • Deep portfolio control - including lender selection, fee structure, portfolio strategy, and duration - that allows every PM to remain uncompromising in the design of their portfolio.
  • Best of blockchain technology, allowing every portfolio to reach a global audience of lenders 24/7 immediately, and maintain a transparent record of all transactions.

How it works

See the demo video below for a brief overview of the PM experience on TrueFi.