TrueFi Docs

Lending & Redeeming Funds

How do I lend on TrueFi?

Once a user is ready to lend, the user is required to complete two transactions:
  1. 1.
    approve : approves the lending pool smart contract to transfer up to a certain allowance of the asset. (Note: This is a typical interaction on the Ethereum network. Read more about the 'approve' function here).
  2. 2.
    deposit : lends funds to the lending pool. In return, the lender receives lending pool tokens ("LP tokens").
Note that for some pools, lender funds are locked until the pool's maturity date. Please review and confirm details before lending.

How do I redeem / withdraw?

Lenders can redeem funds once a pool has reached its maturity date (or depending on configuration, once liquid funds are available). Lender funds are locked until the portfolio’s maturity date is reached.
When redemptions are available, a lender can withdraw to redeem LP tokens for underlying tokens in the portfolio smart contract.