TrueFi DAO Pools
Below is a brief guide to TrueFi lending pool contracts.
For more details, please see or reach out to the Discord #dev channel.

For Lenders

  • TrueFiPool2 contract: lenders can provide and withdraw liquidity via this contract, and return lending pool details, such as pool value, pool token price, etc. (Github link)
  • TrueMultiFarm contract: lenders can stake lending pool tokens to earn TRU rewards ("Farm TRU") via the TrueMultiFarm contract (Github link)


  • LoanToken: represents details of each loan on-chain (Github link)
  • LoanFactory: deploys LoanTokens (Github link)
  • TrueLender: implements the lending strategy for the TrueFi pool, i.e. how loans are approved and funded (Github link)
  • TrueRatingAgencyV2: loan applications are rated and approved by TRU stakers (Github link)
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