What does it mean to manage a portfolio on TrueFi?
Portfolio Managers ("PMs") can run use TrueFi infrastructure to run their own fund.
TrueFi Capital Markets infrastructure enables PMs to configure portfolio terms to their specifications and to deploy funds according to their own discretion and strategy.

What do PMs have control over?

The PM determines the portfolio's strategy and has discretion on how to deploy capital. PMs decide who to lend to and set loan terms.
When creating a portfolio, the PM configures rules for fees, maximum portfolio size, maturity/tenor, among other paramets.
PMs have the option to run "permissioned portfolios," where they can enforce policies on who is allowed to lend and whether lenders can transfer portfolio LP tokens. Read more here on how PMs can set policies.
Additionally, PMs have the ability to customize processes for due diligence and document sharing with lenders.
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