Methods for users to get TUSD
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Mint TUSD with your fiat currency via wire transfers

Users can directly mint TUSD to an ethereum wallet address of their choice by using the TrustToken app. Please note that this process involves KYC verification and additional costs in the form of wire transfer charges.

Purchase TUSD with your Debit Card / Credit Card or via ACH

Users looking for a seamless experience to purchase TUSD and wanting to avoid the hassle and delays of wire transfers can use other platforms / apps to purchase TUSD. Some of these options also provide an option to borrow TUSD against deposited collateral. The below products may not be serving your location.
Below are some platforms where TUSD is available:

Centralized exchanges (CEX)

Users can use centralized exchanges to trade other crypto assets for TUSD. Additionally, some exchanges like FTX offer the option to withdraw USD in the form of TUSD.
TUSD is listed on the exchanges below and many more (see CoinGecko for a full list):

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

Crypto power users who hold other crypto assets can swap for TUSD on all of the major DEXs. Be aware of price slippage and transaction costs when trading on DEXs. Please make sure to double check the token address of TUSD before making any transactions. The token address of TUSD is 0x0000000000085d4780B73119b644AE5ecd22b376.
TUSD trading pairs are available on Uniswap and Sushiswap. Users wishing to trade stablecoins (USDC, USDT, DAI, etc.) may find lower slippage on platforms like and Swerve.
Exchange aggregators can also help users find the best price for TUSD swaps:

Borrow from DeFi protocols like Aave

Users can lend their crypto assets on DeFi protocols and use those assets as collateral to borrow TUSD.
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