Intro (Main pools)

What is TrueFi?

How does it work?

TrueFi enables uncollateralized lending through the interaction of three stakeholders:
  • Lenders earn returns by lending stablecoins (TUSD / USDC / USDT / BUSD) in TrueFi lending pools. Lenders can earn additional returns by farming TRU rewards. TrueFi lending pools are controlled by TrueTrading, an affiliate company of TrustToken, Inc.
  • Stakers act as part of the protocol's risk management system in return for TRU rewards and 100% of the fees generated by the protocol. TRU Stakers also vote on loan requests, signaling the creditworthiness of each loan request on TrueFi's credit prediction market.
  • Borrowers, vetted by the protocol, request loans from lending pools using loan tokens, denominated in TUSD, USDC, USDT, or BUSD.
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