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Borrower Description

Since 2017, Institutional Markets has been the leading strategic capital partner to over 1000 of the largest trading, investment, and mining companies in the crypto space. Bespoke solutions for lending, trading, and active network participation are made possible by a large balance sheet and market expertise.

Credit Profile

Founded in 2011, is among the oldest and most trusted crypto companies. With over 82M wallets that have transacted over $1.2T, few companies have similar industry expertise and experience. A balanced retail and institutional business has contributed to its ongoing profitability. The firm recently raised a Series D from leading investors — Lightspeed Ventures Partners, DST and Baillie Gifford — valuing the company at $14B.

Use of Funds is one of the largest institutional lenders in crypto, having originated more than $8B since 2020. The company only deals with high quality counterparties and each deal is rigorously diligenced.

Lender Restrictions

Only non-US persons and entities KYC approved via TrustToken are eligible to lend to this portfolio. To get started, click ‘Get access’ here.