Alameda Research
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Alameda Research is a crypto market making and trading firm. Our deep knowledge of decentralized and centralized exchanges allow us to capture opportunities across trading and DeFi. Notable achievements include building project Serum and FTX (both are now separate from Alameda Research). Alameda Research has been in business since 2017 and has approximately 30 employees.

Credit Profile

Alameda Research has one of the largest balance sheets in crypto and we have exhibited a strong track record with all of our Lenders.

Use of Funds & Target ROI

Alameda Research will use borrowed funds to support market making on decentralized and centralized exchanges. We will also use the funds to participate in DeFi on-chain. The anticipated return on borrowed funds is 30%+.

Lender Restrictions

Only non-US persons and entities KYC approved via TrustToken are eligible to lend to this portfolio. To get started, click 'Get access' here.

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