Farming TRU rewards for portfolios

Portfolios receiving TRU rewards

The following portfolios receive TRU rewards via TrueFi's incentives framework:
Portfolio name
TRU incentives program
TRU incentives daily rate (as of Aug 24 2022)
Snapshot voting link
Alameda Research Portfolio II (Link)
4,000 TRU/day
Cauris Fund #2: Fintech Opportunities Portfolio (Link)
2,000 TRU/day
END Capital

TrueFi incentives framework

Under the current TrueFi incentives framework, portfolios receive TRU incentives based upon the portfolio’s 7 day avg. total loan value outstanding ("TVO"), as follows:
Tier (TVO level)
Base TRU / day
For more detail, please see the Snapshot vote and forum discussion.


For a simple example of how TRU rewards work in this framework, consider a portfolio that contains $10M USDC in principal and currently has $7M in loans outstanding. Such a portfolio would receive 4,000 TRU/day in TRU rewards, distributed proportionally to lenders. A lender that has provided $1M, or 10% of the portfolio's principal, would accrue 400 TRU rewards each day.
[Idea] Framework for TRU incentives on new portfolios
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