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"Farming" TRU tokens

Lenders may have the opportunity to receive additional incentive TRU tokens on top of lending yields by "farming TRU". Read more below to

Which portfolios receive TRU rewards?

The following portfolios receive TRU rewards via TrueFi's incentives framework:
Portfolio name
TRU incentives program
TRU incentives daily rate (as of Aug 24 2022)
Snapshot voting link
Alameda Research Portfolio II (Link)
4,000 TRU/day
Cauris Fund #2: Fintech Opportunities Portfolio (Link)
2,000 TRU/day
END Capital

How do I claim TRU rewards?

Lenders do not need to take any additional actions to receive TRU rewards. For the portfolios listed above, a user who lends to the portfolio receives TRU rewards at the maturity of the portfolio.

What is the TrueFi incentives framework?

Under the current TrueFi incentives framework, portfolios receive TRU incentives based upon the portfolio’s 7 day avg. total loan value outstanding ("TVO"), as follows:
Tier (TVO level)
Base TRU / day

How does it work?

For a simple example of how TRU rewards work in this framework, consider a portfolio that contains $10M USDC in principal and currently has $7M in loans outstanding. Such a portfolio would receive 4,000 TRU/day in TRU rewards, distributed proportionally to lenders. A lender that has provided $1M, or 10% of the portfolio's principal, would accrue 400 TRU rewards each day.
For more detail, please see the Snapshot vote and forum discussion.