Transferring stkTRU

There are no restrictions on when stkTRU holders can transfer the token to other wallet addresses. Users can transfer stkTRU from their wallet when they are in a cooldown period and even if there are unclaimed rewards associated with their wallet.
Transferring stkTRU does not change the cooldown status of the associated wallet. The cooldown process is independent of the token and it only depends on the wallet address.
If a user is currently in the unstake window after initiating cooldown, they can only unstake their original cooldown amount and not any additional amount of stkTRU they received after initiating the cooldown. The user would have to initiate a new cooldown on the additional stkTRU amount.


Rewards for staking are also linked to the wallet address. If a user has claimable rewards and decides to transfer their stkTRU without claiming the rewards, they can always claim the rewards later. Rewards (TRU or TrueFi LP tokens) associated with staking are not transferred when stkTRU is transferred and does not depend on whether the staker is in a cooldown period or unstake window. The receiver of stkTRU starts accruing rewards based on when they received the tokens.

Delegation and Governance

Transferring stkTRU does change the voting power for snapshot voting and, in the future, on-chain governance by the exact amount of stkTRU which has been transferred. Receivers of stkTRU will be required to delegate the balance to themselves upon receiving the tokens.