Farming TRU (Liquidity Mining)

TRU incentive distribution Farms

Users can farm TRU via three methods:
1) TrueFi lenders can stake lending pool tokens in the liquidity gauge via the Farm page.
2) Users can provide liquidity on Sushiswap TRU/WETH and stake Sushi LP tokens.
3) Users can stake TRU in TrueFi.

Liquidity Gauge (multifarm) Smart contract


Liquidity Gauge TRU Distributor Smart contract

To calculate the incentive distribution for a farm you can divide the totalAmount by duration. Visit the etherscan link to the smart contract, click on Contract, then click on Read as Proxy. You will find the two parameters totalAmount and duration. The duration is in seconds.
TRU distribution per day = (totalAmount/10^8) / (duration/(24*3600))

What are the risks of participating in TrueFi farms?

TrueFi Lending Pools (TUSD / USDC / USDT / BUSD) - There is no additional risk associated with staking TrueFi lending pool tokens. Users are inherently exposed to borrower default risk as a lender. Sushiswap ETH/TRU - Risk of impermanent loss and price exposure to ETH and TRU.

About the TRU token

TRU is the TrueFi's native token. TRU plays an important role in approving new loans, borrowers, and governance motions on the TrueFi protocol, guiding the direction of the platform at all levels.
To learn more about the TRU token, view the token smart contract below and read about TRU's token economics and distribution here.